Breaking Norms: Making Saturday, Funday!

Past days were packed and to take a break from gadgets and boost everyone’s productivity for the upcoming week and major tasks – Hiline made Saturday a Funday! With office games, we always add an element of fun to make tasks a piece of cake. But this time, we decided to go out to motivate colleagues, team bonding, and enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills. So, we went bowling at Uptown LA – undoubtedly, a great place for entertainment.

Bowling is easy to learn, adaptable, increases longevity, and stress relief, and also teaches its players the importance and benefits of teamwork. You must have heard a lot that communication is the key and essential for any organization to grow and improve. It’s true. Meanwhile, everyone takes time to open up – it’s human nature and completely normal. Team building gaming lets co-workers catch similar vibes and improve team performance. When teams band together to defeat other teams, they learn how to brainstorm in a group and be more productive and creative together.

In a nutshell, bowling is healthy for both mind and heart. In our opinion, organizing games and fun activities for colleagues is the perfect way to boost their productivity. Have you ever hit the pins with your co-workers? If not, visit a bowling alley nearby. You’ll have a wonderful time there!

Organizing games and fun activities for colleagues is a perfect way to boost their productivity.

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