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One window to strategic messaging lets
you exploit the power of integration

Your marketing must accurately relay your company’s offers and advantages, and also reflect your quality. Yet none of that matters if it means your communications don’t first get the attention of your intended audience.

You could plan your marketing and sales, and then add a layer of communications. Or identify sales messages, then have a copywriter make them grammatically correct and a graphic artist make them pretty. But we’ve seen how that kind of disconnected decoration can fail to make a connection with buyers.

Instead, integrating communications content design

into sales operations planning. This gives content designers clear direction and the necessary background and insight to create compelling and accurate messages.

Another important integration involves including your important marketing and sales messages along with the detailed information your potential buyers appreciate.

And by integrating all your marketing communications production through HILINE digital, you get the creative abilities and technical expertise that deliver results, along with the efficiencies and consistency that save you time and money.

Get strategic about communication crafts and technologies

You achieve your marketing goals by creating -- then crafting and delivering -- the key messages that get your buyers’ attention, interest and respect. There are a number of skills, abilities, talents and tools that can be required:

Brand Design

Signal your company’s strengths in the blink of an eye. Start with a forceful logo… but don’t stop there. Everything your potential customers see from you can use memorable visual cues to identify your quality and value.

Hiline my look
Web Design and

Opportunity knocks whenever a customer visits you on the web. Welcome them in. Help them find what they came for. Make them remember all your benefits. Ensure real buyers can enjoy entering into your sales conversation.

Hiline my website

Your easy-to-watch action narratives, scripted to help sell. A good sales pitch delivers information and involves emotions. Make it a great video. Leverage your stories for training, internet promotion and client presentations.

Hiline my videos

Grab attention to create interest with original photography. Or use a select stock shot, cartoon, diagram, chart, table, graph or other visual: make your important points clear with the perfect photo or illustration. Brand it yours.

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Digital Marketing

When customers need you, be on the first page of their search. Even better: find them, capture their attention and make your capabilities familiar to them – before they go googling. It’s not always easy, but it’s usually crucial.

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Business Storytelling

Craft your messages to target the customer sales you need. Deliver beautiful marketing to all the right people. Exploit free PR. Make it work by determining your purposes before employing the arts and sciences of communications.

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Print Design and

Be solid off-line. Give prospects production they can appreciate. Brochures, posters, boxes, bags, ads, signs, tags, giveaways, flyers and flags – wrap your product together with your brand promise to captivate customer loyalty.

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3D Visualizations
and Renderings

Map your customers’ worlds and design their paths to your door. Our CAD architectural rendering experience helps you imagine more effective selling spaces. Our communication expertise helps you project better sales experiences.

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Trade Show Exhibits
and Displays

Trade shows are expensive – booth buzz doesn’t have to be. Your competitors can go bigger, but you can be brighter, bolder and the favourite for fun friendliness. Send your team abroad along with everything they need for success.

Hiline my show display

You know the importance of each interaction with potential customers. But you also know that much of the time, what they see and hear from you is on your website, video, exhibits, or paper or signs. Don't leave that opportunity to chance or to an approach that's piecemeal, uncreative or undisciplined. Make sure you choose and use your communications tools well.

Do you need B2B marketing?

You’re not trying to reach a mass market. There are only a few hundred or thousand people who make or influence the buying decisions that drive your success.

Even though a website or brochure or trade show booth won’t sell your product alone, your sales team still needs those kinds of communications to be effective.

The potential purchasers of your products aren’t impressed by slogans or images about your product’s benefits – that’s what they use to sell to consumers. What makes them appreciate your company more is how you demonstrate your expertise about product features and help them with information about your industry.

You’re building your brand through your sales contacts, your product quality and your after-sales service. But you know how good communications can make all those moments more memorable and effective.

Let HILINE B2B help

Your HILINE B2B strategy:

Focus on business-to-business goals

Identify vital buyer touch points

Integrate message design and sales planning

Capture attention with creative content

Gain credibility by demonstrating product expertise

Control spending, ensure campaign consistency and save time by single sourcing your marketing communications production at HILINE.

We Provide One Window Service For Your Business Marketing
Cost-effective web design, brand design, social media digital marketing, video production and photography, business copywriting, tradeshows (fairs) exhibits and displays, and graphic designing. We would love to develop a B2B marketing strategies for your business.